More time for off-grid households

More time for off-grid households

By Andrew Wells, 25 September 2023

You no doubt will have heard Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak’s speech last week on net zero policy or at least all the media coverage. Following a frenzied 24 hours of speculation, the much anticipated announcement outlined a ‘new approach’ and significant shift in the government’s green commitments.

In his speech the PM outlined a rethink to the targets to reach net zero, with many of the key policies being welcome news for all those living off-grid and relying on heating oil.

Key points to the government’s change in policy

  • The timeline for phasing out off-grid heating oil and LPG boilers has been relaxed and will move from 2026 to 2035, with this being an 80%, rather than 100% phase-out.
  • The Boiler Upgrade Scheme which gives people cash grants to replace their boiler, will be increased by 50% to £7,500
  • The government will never force anyone to rip out their existing boiler and install a heat pump – those unable to afford one will never have to switch

What does this mean for off-grid households?
These changes in policy do allow us more time. More time to adapt to the government’s net zero drive. For us living in rural locations and reliant on oil, we can still make a significant contribution to net zero by switching to renewable liquid gases such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

What next?
Essentially, the delay to the ban on oil boilers, will ensure that off-grid homeowners have time to explore a number of sustainable options, ensuring that you don’t face substantial costs for upgrades in a short period of time.

At Yorkshire Oils we remain committed to supporting you on this journey and we will keep you informed on any further updates.