Inventive Oil Order

Our customers are always making us smile and we had to share this inventive oil order with you. One of our loyal customers decided to order through the medium of poetry. Take a look... Cold wet miserable day Long wait until May In the meantime It is now that time To...

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Reducing your heating oil cost

Basics of Heating Oil Cost Heating Oil cost in the UK generally follows the global oil price. As we saw during lockdown, the global demand dropped therefore the price fell by more than half in April. Overall this has been a great year for consumers with such a low...

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Andrew Wells

Andrew Wells is the founder and owner of Yorkshire Oils. Yorkshire Oils was established following years of experience in the oil industry and the realisation that customer service was heavily lacking among oil suppliers.​ Andrew decided to become one of very few...

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How is Coronavirus affecting the oil market?

How is coronavirus affecting the oil market you might ask. Well, China’s reaction to Coronavirus was initially to close down the cities and most would say rightly so. As a result, the shutdown of factories and the radical reduction of flights, has certainly justified...

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Heating Oil Additives: Are They Worth the Investment?

Everyone wants to save a little bit extra on their heating bills. And, rightly so, it feels good to know you’ve saved a chunk of money that you’d have otherwise had to pay on something as menial as heating oil. But the big question is “can heating oil additives be...

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Heating Oil Guide

Moving to a new house can be a stressful time and even more so if you are new to oil heating systems.

So, this post is designed to help answer the most common questions on the fundamentals of domestic heating oil, oil tanks and additives.

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We can help you save money on heating oil for your home


We provide home heating oil to our customers throughout Yorkshire. We offer a friendly & reliable service with experienced tanker drivers. Please contact us if you would like a quote for your home heating oil, business, or farm. In addition to providing a range of fuels, we can also provide you with: