Reducing your heating oil cost

Basics of Heating Oil Cost

Heating Oil cost in the UK generally follows the global oil price. As we saw during lockdown, the global demand dropped therefore the price fell by more than half in April. Overall this has been a great year for consumers with such a low heating oil cost.

The most commonly used heating oil in the UK is Kerosene. Kerosene is also known as kero, heating oil & home heating oil.

Choose the best Purchasing Time

The price you pay is directly affected by the wholesale price, this fluctuates daily and can be unpredictable.

Summer is often a good time to buy your oil as demand for kerosene nationally is lower, you can often get a good price with excellent delivery options. As more people buy in winter due to greater usage, delivery schedules can fill and cause a longer wait for your heating oil. Planning ahead can reduce the chance of having a chilly few days with no heating.

If you become desperate our 20L heating oil (kerosene) drums can top your tank up just enough to get you through a few days.

As the pandemic saw such low prices, many people choose to stock up around April. This means the amount of customers that will require a tank top up in the winter months could create long delivery timOil Tank Dipstickes.

If you can get into a routine of checking your oil tank level, this will certainly ensure you never run out. Most tanks come with a basic gauge, however using a dipstick (a long stick) can also help you gauge how full your tank is. You can get gadgets that automatically read your tank level, these can be more expensive but the initial outlay may be worth it for you.

How much heating oil should I order?

Your minimum heating oil cost is likely to be £125 upwards, based on 500L. 500L is the minimum order for heating oil in England, so it is worth ensuring you can manage your payments.

In order to get the best price for your heating oil, buy in bulk! The more you buy the cheaper each litre will be. Generally orders over 1000L will give you access to this greater discount.

Paying for your heating oil

MonthlyPay to spread your heating oil costFor first time customers, you will need to pay in full shortly after your delivery. We never take your payment before delivery to avoid you overpaying if the number of litres delivered is less.

After your initial order you can then choose to continue paying in full when you require a delivery or making use of our MonthlyPay scheme. MonthlyPay enables you to pay small amounts each month which are then used against your orders throughout the year. This gives you an easy way to save for your heating oil orders. If you have any questions just speak with Andrew.

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