Our monthly payment plan is a convenient, flexible way to budget for your home heating bills.

Here at Yorkshire Oils we offer a monthly payment plan to help you budget for your heating oil. This plan allows you to pay a set amount each month into your account to help you save for your next heating oil delivery. Most people tend to use less heating oil through the summer months, so by paying into our payment plan you build up credit ready to help cover the cost of winter fuel.

Call us to discuss getting started on 01423 396789 or email your requirements.

How it works for new customers

The monthly payment plan allows you to pay a set amount (to be agreed) into your account on the day of your choice, allowing you to budget across the year. For new customers to qualify, you have to make your first order and pay in full by card. 

How it works for existing customers

We will take your average usage and calculate a monthly payment, which is collected from your bank account on the day of your choice. If you wish to overpay, we can arrange this too. Any outstanding balances will need to be paid in full before your next order. Your MonthlyPay payments will be under quarterly review and subject to changes. Please see our terms and conditions.

There are no strings attached and no service charges. You can leave the plan at any time and close the account, subject to clearing any outstanding balance.