Keep your vehicles and machines working smoothly with Fuchs Lubricants.

We have partnered with Fuchs to offer a wide range of lubricants including:

  • Engine Oils (5W30, 5W40, 10W40, etc)
  • Gear Oils (75W90, sae 90, etc)
  • Hydraulic Oils (VG 32, VG 46, VG 68, etc)
  • Greases (EP2, EP 00, LX EP2, etc)

Specialist Technical Advice

Choosing the right lubricant can be a tricky decision, especially with the extensive range of lubricants out there. But, you don’t need to worry

You can use the Fuchs Oil Chooser to find the correct product for you. Enter your vehicle’s details and let the finder do the rest.

Still unsure? Prefer to speak to someone?

Give us a ring to talk about your needs.

Various Pack Sizes

You can order a range of pack sizes from 5 litre containers to 205 litre barrels (minimum £150 order value).

Bulk delivery is anything over 400 litres and is pumped directly into your own storage tanks.

Lube Cube

For extra ease and eco-friendly packaging, ask us about the revolutionary Lube Cube.

The Lube Cube makes it easy for you to stack, store and use and once finished the inner and outer packaging can be fully recycled.

Watch this video for more information.

Proud to offer Fuchs

Fuchs Lubricants have developed and sold lubricants for 80 years. You’ll receive a high-quality lubricant which reduces wear and lowers fuel consumption helping you to save more.

Get in touch

Give us a call on 01423 396789 for any orders or queries!

We help you save money on heating oil for your home


We provide home heating oil to our customers throughout Yorkshire. We offer a friendly & reliable service with experienced tanker drivers. Please contact us if you would like a quote for your home heating oil, business, or farm. In addition to providing a range of fuels, we can also provide you with: